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The Eighty-Eight

By Steve Watson - April 15 2014

Take a flick through The Eighty-Eight magazine, the occasional publishing project by Jamie Cullum

Normally when you think of celebrity magazines you think of big, mass-market titles doing battle on the supermarket shelves. Step forward Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Magazine, Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine, etc.

But last week I was sent a copy of an altogether different celebrity-driven title. The Eighty-Eight is made by Jamie Cullum, who, it turns out, has a long-standing passion for journalism and typography. And you can tell.

There’s not doubt that you’ll get a lot more out of this magazine if you happen to be a Jamie Cullum fan, but there’s plenty for the Cullum-neutral to admire too, and as the video below explains, I’m really impressed by the inventive and adventurous route it takes. Apparently future issues are going to move further towards the general readership, making this magazine a definite one to watch.


Louise Court Interview

Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Louise Court talks first-time Publisher Jamie Cullum about his brilliant career and the story behind his new magazine, The Eighty-Eight

Watch here